barristers and Solicitors

MGB Legal is a Perth based law firm, providing services in relation to a number of areas of law, including property and commercial law, wills and estates, property and commercial based litigation, and criminal law.

Following the dissolution of Hammond Worthington Lawyers in April 2009, MGB Legal was established by Matthew Ellis, the former partner in charge of property and commercial law at Hammond Worthington. He is joined in the practice by Gabriel Wong, as associate level lawyer working primarily in property, commercial and wills and estate law, Bogdan Soactar, a solicitor working in the areas of litigation, criminal law, and general advice, and Desiree Marie, a paralegal working primarily in areas of property law and wills and estates.

MGB Legal’s focus is on providing practical and cost effective solutions to legal problems.  We are happy to assist clients in working on matters of any size, from simple wills and estates matters to complex property developments.

Our goal is to ensure that the support and services that we provide is tailored to meet the needs of our clients, and we provide our services in a timely manner.